Something Something

Session 3
Imperial IOU

Turned in Bandin Dobah to the Moruth Doole on Kessel, received less than 1/4 of the bounty along with an “Imperial IOU” for the rest…

Traveled to Nar Shaddaa in search of more work, carried cargo and passengers to Malastare, while there received a call from Former Ship Owner about a way to payoff some of the debt, meet at Hutt’s palace on Toydaria. Carried cargo and passengers to Nar Shaddaa and Nal Hutta on the way.

Arrived on Toydaria, met with Hutt.

Session 2
There, but not back yet

The crew was able to subdue the smugglers in the warehouse, Drege Rengil was injured but Merisee Vandreen was able to patch him up. They found and reactivated R4-W9, an astromech droid that they had heard the smugglers stole. Thankful for being saved, R4-W9 informed them of Bandin Dobah‘s location, gave them some information on the smugglers, and agreed to come with them. On their way back to the ship Drege and Ebok stopped by the Imperial Office to sell the information on the smugglers to the Empire. Meanwhile Cah’lire, Merisee, and R4-W9 were being stopped by Stormtroopers near the ship, fearing she would be arrested for the charges against her, Cah’lire refused to show her ID, so they started to arrest her. Drege and Ebok arrived just in time to create a distraction so that they could escape on board their ship.

Once in orbit, an Imperial patrol ordered the ship to allow them to board to search for the fugitive (Cah’lire). With no weapons to fight them off, the crew agreed to let them board. Cah’lire successfully hid in the cargo hold and they were allowed to continue. Ebok plotted a course to the coordinates provided by R4-W9 that would bring them out of hyperspace in the shadow of a large asteroid. While in hyperspace, Ebok was able to partially repair J9-B8, the protocol droid that told them about R4-W9, but his memory was unrecoverable. After leaving hyperspace they detected the asteroid that was being used by Dobah as a meeting point, with a (droid?) ship patrolling outside.

Cah’lire successfully flew them past the patrol (droid?) ship undetected and into the asteroid, where they landed next to Dobah’s ship. They were immediately targeted by the other ship and hailed, Drege (thanks to the passcodes stored in R4-W9) was able to convince them that they were bringing a spice shipment of spice from the smugglers on Formos. Ebok hid in an empty crate and they brought it over to Dobah’s ship, once in the cargo hold, they searched in an found a hidden store of Glitterstim Spice, they moved it into their container and re-hid the compartment.

One of the smugglers came, inspected the container, and paid them. After eating a meal with the smugglers, the crew went to Dobah’s cabin to meet him. They were able to convince Dobah to come over to their ship to inspect R4-W9, once aboard they stunned him and now prepare to make their escape…

Session 1
The Bounty

The crew arrived at Formos looking for work. They shortly found themselves hunting a dangerous smuggler who is wanted by the Empire and a well known Hutt gangster. They tracked some members of the smuggler’s operation to a local warehouse, and are moving in to ambush them…

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