Astromech Droid


A lightly modified R4 unit. Originally orange with white trim, it was repainted at some point to a dark green with black trim, judging by the state of the paint, that was probably some time ago. The resulting mottled paint job of green and black with orange and white peaking through makes the droid look like it’s in much rougher shape than it is.


R4-W9 is a fairly unremarkable astromech droid, except he carries some highly sought after navigation routes for the Kessel run. Originally owned by a spice smuggler, who emancipated the droid, as well as R4’s companion J9-B8, as part of her last will.

R4-W9 was captured by Bandin Dobah’s gang for a short time. He was rescued by the group, and currently is assisting in the tracking and capture of Dobah.


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