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I never knew my parents and was raised in an orphanage on the planet Sluis Van. At the age of 10 most of the orphans are indentured to their new masters. A few days after turning the age of ten, A Sluissi, Wodi Gunstar, came into the orphanage and choose me to learn and help in his trade of a technition. We are indentured for a service of 10 years of learning their trade and service of what our masters we required. I was one of the lucky ones, to have such a kind and generous master. He taught me all I know and made sure all my needs were met. I owe this man a debt of graditude. He became more of a type of father figure for me.

My life’s dream is to keep expanding my knowledge and finding new technologies. My master fed my dream by providing everything I needed to be successful for my life’s mission. I was freed by the age of twenty but my master decided by the age of 18 to set aside money to help with my dream. I stayed and continued my service with him until the age of 21. I decided to set out on my own path. My master, Wodi, helped with the purchase of my needed supplies and handed me a bag of coins that have I have earned the last couple of years I worked with him. In the last year, I have been doing odd jobs that have been available and meeting all sorts of people.

  • Relationship – Mentor:

  • Ambition – Expertise:

    It is very important to me to improve my technition skill and find new technology.


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