Drege Rengil

Wealth is Freedom


Drege is an average looking Human. He doesn’t have any formal education or training, but if his upbringing taught him anything, it’s to keep his credits close, his eyes open, and his blaster ready.


From a young age Drege was raised by his father, Jarlan, he does not know what happened to his mother. They were constantly on the move, taking all manner of legitimate and not-so-legitimate jobs. They had money problems regularly, owing one scumbag or another, but it never seemed to worry Jarlan, so Drege was never too concerned.

They eventually got a job on a freighter owned by a man named Nalik. The freighter was attacked by pirates and they had to abandon ship, Drege escaped, and his father is presumed dead. Jarlan owed Nalik a large sum of credits, and Nalik still expects to be repaid.

Drege blames his father for his place in life, looking back he feels that they had many opportunities to get ahead, but his father always had to get that next big score. He’s determined to do better than his father, and took the first chance he got, joining a Twi’lek bounty hunter, a doctor, and a Sluissi. They agreed to take an equal share of debt to purchase a ship, The Snowy Owl, and their first job went well. Now they need more, and they head to Formos in search of work.

  • Ambition – Greed:

    Drege sees wealth as the primary means to freedom, money buys protection, money buys influence, once you have enough money, you can do whatever you want. However, sometimes “wealth” comes at a price, and he doesn’t always consider it before taking.

  • Ambition – Freedom:

    Drege seeks to be free from any obligations to others, he believes that was his father’s biggest flaw. He tries to view relationships as business arrangements (not always successfully) and attempts to get the best deal possible.

Drege Rengil

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