A blue Twi’lek female


Born into slavery, Cah’lire and her parents, older sister and younger brother were owned by Gorgo, a high ranking member of the Hutt Cartel. When she was 10, Gorgo sold her to Teemo the Hutt, separating her from her family. She spent the next several years working for Teemo’s trade master on Tatooine.

When she was 14, Teemo attempted to hide a lucrative spice trade operation from his immediate superior, Jabba the Hutt. A group of low-lifes, on the run from Teemo, found out about the spice trade, and turned Teemo over to Jabba. Jabba sent several bounty hunters to retrieve Teemo. In the confusion, while Teemo’s underlings were making themselves scarce, one bounty hunter, Bail, took notice of her. He took her with him, and in exchange for a few years of service, he taught her his trade. He had a fondness for her that she didn’t return.

Bail was hired to find a group of deserters from the Imperial Army. The deserters didn’t surrender peacefully and Bail was overpowered and killed. Cah’lire was left to find her own path. Doing whatever job was available to keep herself alive, helped increase her skills and reputation as a bounty hunter. Vowing she would find her family, who remained enslaved and free them one way or another.


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